As a Freight Agent we are a company specialized on designing, organizing and coordinating international transport of goods, receiving them as consignees or delivering them to those who have to transport them and, where appropriate, carrying out the administrative, fiscal, customs and logistical procedures. We provide a safe and efficient transportation between two or more countries. For this, we dispose logistic means (such as storehouses, machinery, software) suitable to help the exporter or importer to prepare their goods, protect them and transport them. As an international company, we dispose of the financial resources, of a network of agents and of global offices that allow us to carry out this kind of operations. At the same time, we own knowledge in logistics and international trade, dominating the various means of transport, customs operations, insurance, packaging and everything related to the movement of goods between different markets. Be in constant connection with the frequent changes in world markets is what make us especially qualified to undertake global operations. On behalf of Logistics Operators, importers, exporters, companies or individuals, as an agent, to organize a safe, efficient and profitable transport of goods.



The complexity and dynamism of foreign trade require maintaining a permanent update in matters related to standards, requirements, tariff classifications, laws, regulations, commercial agreements, etc., that apply to the different activities and segments. Our team will provide everything you need to know about your rights and obligations in customs matters.



Export and import from and to all the cities of the world. Transfer of any type of heavy material for commercial use. The pallet is a wood material that allows the merchandise to be grouped to reduce the risks in logistic operations. Transport of solid, liquid or gaseous materials that can cause damage to humans health or to the environment.



For your urgent shipments of low weight, volume and up to a certain value, both documents and specific merchandise. No worries because before making each purchase you will receive personalized advice and a complete quote about the final cost of the process. And you should not worry about customs procedures or export taxes either because we take care of everything!



We count with a team of expert international movers who will organize the appropriate packing for your belongings, customs clearance, boarding and international transit to deliver them to destination.



Count with the accurate International Transport Insurance. Whatever happens your insurance will protect your cargo either transporting your merchandise by aerial, maritime or terrestrial route.


frequent terms & its significates.


frequent terms & its significates