Legal, Tax and Customs Advice

The complexity and dynamism of foreign trade require maintaining a permanent update in matters related to standards, requirements, tariff classifications, laws, regulations, commercial agreements, etc., that apply to the different activities and segments. Our team will provide everything you need to know about your rights and obligations in customs matters.
Customs Legal Advice | Tariff classification | Customs Clearance | Implementation of Customs Regimes | Transit operations | Plants Enabling | Refund management by export pending collection - additional to the recovery of VAT of export - to result Export refund compensation for debts of social security, tax and / or customs (in that order of priority) or receive them in the CBU of the exporter in less than one month from the moment the return is approved Free diagnosis of the CUIT of the Company to verify if they have withdrawals pending payment, their value and the obstruction they eventually present Outsourcing services in the tasks of monitoring, regularization and collection management of export refunds for a monthly fixed installment for those companies that want to outsource this task Export VAT Recovery