Types of insurance:

1) All risk: Damage or physical loss in the merchandise insured as a result of an external and fortuitous event. Scope: door to door, stay up to 60 days in intermediate fiscal deposits, heavy damage, the coverage in the costs of serious damage, total and partial theft, facts of nature, loading and unloading, total and partial damage.
2) Restricted and robbery for whole package: Loss or damage of merchandise as an immediate consequence of an accident of the transporting medium: crash, overturning, derailment, fall of trees or poles, fall of aircraft, forced landing, failure in the train of landing, stranding, grounding, collision, sinking or capsizing, unloading in port of refuge. Covers fire, lightning, explosion, hurricane, cyclone, tornado, flood, flood avalanche. Scope: door to door, stay up to 60 days in fiscal deposits, acts of nature, total theft or entire package. Total or partial damages as a result of mentioned accidents, serious damage, coverage in the costs of serious damage.
Sum insured, mandatory invoice value, optional freight, verifiable expenses, rights and charges, cost of insurance, expected profit..